Marine Corps

The Marine Corps United States wants to fill a couple of proud warriors, a variety of professional and entry level military careers, while seeing the world. Marines exist as a fighting force of soldiers, in general, give the first Marines to hostile areas and early implementation of the most difficult of attack strategies. The Marine Corps has many applicants over 18 years, skillfully passing physical and psychological assessments. To become a Marine Corps Recruit, apply online.

US Marine Corps SealMarine Corps officials can serve long career in the army, and to obtain academic degrees and training agents. Officer duties vary greatly from rate increases and by rank and years of service, but many are starting salaries for officers start at $ 3000 per month. Are promotions in rank and advancement opportunities exist for other enterprising agents.

Marines receive a multitude of in-work benefits, including tuition assistance, comprehensive training and competitive salaries. Marines earn leave benefits of traditional employment options such as health insurance, retirement plans 401 (k) and certain other benefits. To access your local recruiting office and further information can be found Marine Corps, please apply online now.

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