Army Soldier

It is still early in the morning tomorrow clock 3 here as type I, but tonight at 19:30 on the clock, I go to an Army soldier from Hi. This is a serious commitment and I am happy to do.

As a Army soldier in the means Hi I wear the uniform when I go to church and find volunteer work for my body. Be in uniform is both a privilege and also a little scary, as I will be a lot of public attention to feel.

Army SoldierOne of the rules to become, is that I give up alcohol, not a real problem for me because I do not drink it very often. I am proud as a soldier when no other people I know during this holiday season might go to gluttony.

I look forward to the work I want to do with youth and I look forward to sharing some of my lessons I learned in life, some of these youth. I feel I have much to offer in this area.

I am excited and happy, I made my choice to move on the uniform and responsibility to the of the Army soldier Hi Sydney, Australia.

The figure below is an example of Army Soldier

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