Air Force One

History buffs of American aviation and find a wealth of detail on Air Force One, a reference book traces all aircraft used to transport the President of the United States. Author Robert F. Dorr, an Air Force veteran U.S. diplomat and retired on a military aircraft for decades to write and brings his many years of expertise in this beautiful picture book to carry. With over 150 color and black and white, provides the definitive volume you climb aboard and take a look at the processes behind the scenes at the White House flying.

air force one big fpDorr was on Sat 27 000, a Boeing 707-353B, on his last flight from Andrews AFB, Maryland to San Bernardino, California, September 8, 2001. This famous group of Air Force One was stolen every American president since 1972. It was Richard Nixon to China and Jimmy Carter to Germany (for the hostages after their release to meet Iran) and George W. Bush in Texas. San Bernardino historic aircraft was disassembled and trucked in pieces in Simi Valley, California, where he is now on permanent display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Today, two identical Boeing 747 to take a special version of the military popular airliner, the imposing picture of Air Force One presidential. The first twin was delivered (15 months too late) to the 89 Airlift Wing in August 1990, the second followed in December. The first president was to fly him to George HW Bush during a trip to Topeka, KS in September 1990.

The figure below is an example of Air Force One

Air Force One Air Force One Air Force One air force one taxi for take off Air Force One Air Force One 28000 Crew Deck2 small air force one interior Air Force One sandy air force one arrives

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