Fire Truck

The fire truck are icons of our time. Fire, a destructive force, the destruction of residential areas, conservation areas, plants and farms can cause - the big red truck is available with bravery, emergencies and natural links. Raging Inferno can not only kill but also cause considerable damage to society and country. Unfortunately, it was difficult to fight against the fire in the past, and firefighters or occupants of the farm at the time was not brilliant, the red machine, they call. To show you where the tanker was loved as we know from the fire truck, a brief history:

Fire TruckEarly models: OK, the truck could not actually occurred before the truck was invented. The first fire truck were actually portable water pumps. Created in 1700, would be the "bucket brigade" to use human power to move the hand or steam pump on the scene of the fire. In the years after 1800, firefighters were finally beginning to have paid for their efforts and horses on board to support the transport of the pump.

Steam power replaced: It was not long before the steam engine was excellent, and motor vehicles began to take over. In 1911, Mack Trucks began producing a fire truck on their own, and he became one of the most popular manufacturers in the industry.

An icon is born: In the 1960s, the fire truck turn into a savior we see today, are used. Of course, as new technologies become available, was added to improve the truck. All of the scale of hydraulic platforms and versatile 4x4 vehicles are now easily accessible in an emergency.

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