US Army

The U.S. Army Rangers are an elite group of 2,000 highly skilled combat soldiers, composed of three rifle battalions and a battalion of special troops. Although headquartered in Fort Benning, Ga., are trained to use them quickly, within 18 hours notice, to anywhere in the world. They are ready to air, land or sea travel, in any climate and terrain.

US ArmyThey are entering the unit and the aerodrome ultimate RAID in the army of the United States. The Rangers are highly skilled and well trained in combat, raids, recovery of man and machine, and direct action operations. This light infantry specialized in airfield attacks, ambushes, night fighter, reconnaissance missions, have been attacked fire and infantry.

Since the U.S. Army Rangers, the elite Special Operations Forces, are all that will be a member first pass an orientation course before requiring a visit to the Ranger School. The course begins with nine weeks of basic training, will be invited during which the soldiers under extremely arduous physical and mental challenges. The purpose of this is to see who resist the pressure. It will also teach leadership skills and advanced techniques soldier, so they are ready for actual combat of life. The training is so brutal that only about 25 percent of soldiers will really last.

The figure below is an example of US Army

us army patch big US Army Soldier US Army US Army us army paratroopers in iraq the us army funds an armed reconnaissance helicopter program pic US ArmyUS Army hummer from the us army to china Mk 47 Striker 40 automatic grenade launcher US Army United States M3A3 Bradley usa army us army tanks have digital armor pics

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