Civil War

Civil war was perhaps not one of the best moments in the history of the United States. Caused, in fact, that most unique American war casualties of any war, which has since fought two world wars. This is because people are dying on both sides were Americans. Despite heavy losses, great things came out of the war, including new and advanced technologies such as anesthesia. Civil War Guns are one of the best examples of these technical improvements.

civil war soldiersBefore the war, most of the muzzle guns. This means that the ammunition had to go through the muzzle, which was time consuming and dangerous for the charger, it could easily be rotated in the process accidentally loaded. Breech-loading or loading at the rear of the weapon was introduced to many firearms and use of this method is still used today, with most weapons available. Obviously, this method would be safer for the shooter who remains behind the muzzle at any time, but it is also much faster.

Even before the war took a while before the guns of the civil war of this function, but one bullet could be loaded at once. During the war changed and new weapons were introduced, which could hold and fire several rounds must be recharged before. It was a great step forward in technology and this gun is one reason why replica pistols and rifles of this period are so popular.

The figure below is an example of Civil War

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