Barack Obama Biography

Barack Obama Biography

Barack Obama has a special place in history, as the first African American president of the United States. Born in Honolulu, Ann Durham and Barack Obama Sr., Obama was a senator from Illinois for a period of about three and a half years from January 2005 - November 2008. Once he was elected President of the United States, he resigned his Senate seat.

Biography Barack ObamaObama's childhood was turbulent as his parents separated when he was just two years. His father went to Kenya, while his mother stayed behind and later married an Indonesian oil manager and moved to Jakarta, Indonesia when Barack was only six years. Barack moved with his grandparents and was mainly raised by them. During his childhood, visited his father once when he was ten.

It was a bright child and attended Columbia University. However, making the issue of race in New York worried him a lot. During his university years, he founded a small community to help Southerners. He later attended Harvard Law School. This was in 1990 when he had the honor of being the first African American editor of the Harvard Law Review. One of his fine career was when he began teaching at the University of Chicago Law School. There he met Michelle Robinson, who was a fellow lawyer. He married her in 1992. Later he was elected senator from Illinois State.

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